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“If I waited for perfection, I would never write.”

Margaret Atwood

Hello and welcome to the website. We hope you’ll find some interesting and useful stuff here and enjoy exploring.

Who is J. L. Harland?

J. L. Harland isn’t one person, it’s two. It’s the name used by two authors who write together as well as separately. J. L. Harland came into being when Jacqui and Jan decided to write together. Their debut novel, What Lies Between Them, is published by Dixi Books, February 2022.

What Lies Between Them is set in Wales and tells the story of Elin Fiorelli, a woman haunted by the past and the challenges in her life both at home and in work. It is set in the fictional Brynderwen University, Cardiff.

A second novel is at the editing stage. This second novel is a standalone in two voices. We have used our original protagonist, Elin, but the story is set in Italy and Wales. The themes of family secrets and identity will, we hope, appeal to readers. We’ve both enjoyed writing it.

She thought she was alone in the world, but the letter changed everything.

Further information about us is under ‘Biographies’. How we work together is under FAQs.  Both can be found on the About page.

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