Writing Prompts

J. L. Harland   •   November 17th, 2017

Sometimes just getting started is the hard bit. Prompts can help to get the imagination going.

• Collect some small things around the house and put them into a bag. Choose one at random and imagine where it came from. Use your senses to examine it closely. Describe what it looks like, lines and contours. Smell it. Can you make a noise with it? What does it feel like? Is it edible?

• You pass a walled garden with a tall wooden gate every morning on your way to work. The gate is always closed. One morning it’s open. You look inside. What do you see?

• A letter arrives with unfamiliar handwriting. The contents will change your life forever.

• You walk the dog by the river every morning. One morning you find a single high heeled shoe. What happens next?

Perhaps you have a writing prompt or idea to share?