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This page has reviews on books we have read and enjoyed, both fiction and non-fiction, and literary events.

May 2021

March 2021

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

By |2021-03-01T20:08:58+00:00March 1st, 2021|Review|

In The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett, we see human nature observed through the eyes of a confident storyteller. Weaving from past to present the story unfolds slowly telling how Danny and his sister, Maeve, came to the house and how their father’s second wife evicted them after their father’s death. It’s a tale of obsession, siblings, love and betrayal. An examination of the injustices that life often throws at us and how resilience and justice find a way through.

February 2021

V2 by Robert Harris

By |2021-02-21T18:23:04+00:00February 21st, 2021|Review|

V2 by Robert Harris is a fascinating account of the V2 missile, its inception and use in Hitler’s last attempt to win the war. It blends fact with fiction in a skilful manner and the characters of Rudi Graf and Kay Caton-Walsh are well-rounded and credible characters in a story based in fact but embellished by fiction.

January 2021

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

By |2021-01-12T17:15:11+00:00January 12th, 2021|Review|

The Midnight Library is an engaging and unusual story in its narrative structure and in the way it combines philosophical discussion with humour and contemporary dialogue. An extraordinary book for extraordinary times it examines choices and how the main character, Nora Seed, could have had different lives if she had made different choices. It has been serialised for Radio Four and highly acclaimed as a Goodreads Choice Award for Fiction 2020.

December 2020

Crime After Crime: A Collection of Crime Stories Edited by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt & Stephen Puleston

By |2020-12-15T17:53:14+00:00December 15th, 2020|Review|

Crime after Crime, with a foreword by Stephen Leather, is a collection of short stories from several different writers with crime at the centre of the tales. Each story is different in content and tone. Dark crimes with twists in the ending these tales are sure to keep the reader thinking.

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