What Lies Between Them

The cover of What Lies Between Them. Co-authored by J. L. Harland.


When Elin Fiorelli returns to Brynderwen university she is confident that a professorship is within her grasp. But, Life has other plans. Michael Hardwick, her former lover, is now her boss and her job may be in jeopardy.

Her mother’s terminal illness adds to her problems as Elin tries to balance work and duty while facing the ghosts of her past. Can Elin come to terms with the trauma of her past and fulfil her dreams?

“An intensely emotional tale of a woman who, at the height of her career, is confronted by harrowing memories from her past that threaten to destroy her life. Emotional, sensitive, and thoroughly satisfying.”

“What Lies Between Them is a moving novel about resilience and compassion, and what it takes to follow your dreams. It’s a story of love, friendship and family, asking questions about power, particularly for women – how much can be sacrificed before we lose our sense of self? How much are we defined by the events of the past and can we outrun our own history to find the future we desire? A compelling novel for our times.”

A  slice-of-academic-life novel that underscores the role of the personal in the political cut-and-thrust of today’s university milieu.”

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