Rural Skills Centre – Lorraine’s Poem

J. L. Harland   •   January 10th, 2019

Lorraine was inspired by the surroundings of the RSC.  Read her thoughts in this poem.

If Constable were alive today

Inspiration to paint would fall his way

At the Rural Skills Centre with amazing views

and a range of courses for you to choose

Starlings swoop, acrobatic Red Arrows

Spring in November confuse blackbirds and sparrows

Dandelions and daisies gather together

Hoodwinked by this unseasonal weather


‘Trevor’ the generator and the wind turbine

Prominent along the rural skyline

Tall, majestic amid the tranquil and calm

Together empower the New Park Farm

Halloween pumpkins sadly piled high

With decaying faces from days gone by

Amber leaves in chameleon mode

Slowly follow the autumnal code


Lorraine Gray