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“Writing is my vacation from living.”

Eugene O’ Neill

That quotation from Eugene O’Neill encapsulates how we regard writing. It’s an escape from the everyday, the mundane, into the realms of imagination. How many people remember being lost in a book as a child? That magic of disappearing into a different world, peopled by different characters, is what writing, as well as reading, means to us.

Through your writing you can meet new people, visit new places, encounter new experiences, and all without leaving the house. Your characters become your friends. They talk to you, take you on journeys you never expected. They don’t behave as you had planned. The world inside your head becomes as alive as the life you are living.

So, why write? It allows you to inhabit the world of imagination for a little time each day. Indulge yourself. Write a little and see where it takes you.


‘Words are all we have.’
Samuel Beckett

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