Five Photographs to Start your Story

J. L. Harland   •   July 13th, 2019

Do you have difficulty visualising a scene or need something to kick start your imagination? Here are some photographs to help with that.


Some of the most exciting stories start with what is behind a door. Even the most boring front door can lead to questions. What do we know about what goes on behind closed doors? A locked door can be intriguing, but so can an open door. What is on the other side? Another world? Better or worse? 


Setting the scene for your story can be challenging. With google earth we can visit different places and it helps to build that mental picture. Remote spots can be the start of a murder investigation – think Shetland – or a restful place for reflection.


The sea is a powerful force, changing with the weather. Could the sea play a part in your story? Does it’s changing moods reflect the story or main character? Could the sea play a major part?


As writers we tend to be people watchers. How can you describe that person? What is different about them? How they are dressed? Their gait? The way they hold their heads? Photographs help with the visual element. Do you try to guess about people when you are sitting in a café or at the airport? 


Our surroundings are important, and nature plays a part in everyone’s life. Take a walk around where you live. What do the gardens tell you about the people who live there? The well-manicured lawn, the trampoline and discarded toys all have a story to tell. What is that story? 


Paintings and sculptures also provide a rich stimulus for the imagination. Visit your local art gallery or museum and take a notebook. Find something that intrigues you or attracts you in some way and make notes. 

A wide range of stimulating photographs, royalty free, are also available on UnsplashTake a look and find something beautiful to use as a story starter. 

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any great photographs to share.