Only Connect…

J. L. Harland   •   February 16th, 2020

We often enjoy literary events and listening to writers speak about their journeys to publication. This weekend we attended a networking event organised by Literature Wales in Cardiff Central Library. An informative and interesting day it offered not only advice, but the opportunity to make connections with others who share our passion for writing. Reflecting on that meeting, here are five of our reasons why these types of events are so important.

  1. Writing can be a solitary activity so meeting like-minded people helps. Who else is going to listen to you talking about your struggle with a poem or a character who won’t do as he’s supposed to?
  2. Sharing of stories – triumphs and disasters and how to deal with them. Other people’s experiences may mirror your own or give you ways to deal with your difficulties.
  3. New information. We never stop learning. Writers’ events provide information about publishing processes and possibly funding or writing opportunities.
  4. Speakers at these events often talk about their disasters as well as their success and this gives listeners the incentive to keep on writing, no matter what the outcome.
  5. Listening and talking to other writers can be inspirational. It’s a warm community, filled with lovely people who are passionate about what they do and eager to share their enthusiasm.

Do you as a writer enjoy these sorts of events? It can feel nerve-wracking at first if you are new to the fold but worth taking a deep breath and making those connections.