How to Write a Novel: That Will Sell Well and Satisfy Your Inner Artist by Harry Bingham

J. L. Harland • October 11th, 2020

Harry Bingham, has a well-established fan base for his best selling Fiona Griffiths crime series. He also runs Jericho Writers.

We were fortunate to have pre-publication editions of this book. It is an updated version of a previous text. In this book, in his signature no nonsense tone, Bingham gives the realities of traditional publishing and stresses the difficulties of getting published.

The book covers all aspects of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, dispensing advice and dismissing common myths about writing in equal amounts. Each chapter is followed by a summary of the main points and is a very useful guide should you just wish to dip into a certain aspect of writing.

For the would-be writer the instructions are clear and precise, ‘musicality in the writing, a deftness in the imagery.’ (P.248)

How to Write a Novel contains all the ingredients you should expect from a ‘how to’ book and more. It covers everything from planning to perfection. It is a comprehensive overview of ‘a massive and elusive subject’ (p. 737) with examples from a wide range of literature, as well as Bingham’s own work, to add depth and meaning to the advice given.

With its conversational voice this felt like a series of workshops transcribed on the page. Bingham’s enthusiasm for the topic shone through. There was a sincerity and bluntness too. The message was clear. Getting published is nigh impossible unless you are prepared to work very hard. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

A gem of a book and one to recommend to fellow writers.

How to write a novel: That will sell well and satisfy your inner artist by Harry Bingham is published by Amazon. It is a non-fiction text. Bingham has written several bestselling crime novels with Fiona Griffiths as the main character.

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